Bill Littlefield
1 min readJun 26, 2021



When I was just a little boy, perhaps just over 3,

I climbed like any monkey might into an apple tree.

When I had reached the highest branch, I looked down at the world,

And far below I spied a little unicorn, all curled

Up in a ball and sleeping. It was white. It had one horn…

It was so small it looked as if it had been newly born.

I wanted to cry out so all could know what I could see.

Before I could, the unicorn woke up and looked at me.

She winked and nodded. The she rose and flew up past where I

Was sitting in the apple tree, and on into the sky.

But as she sailed beyond me she said, “I was here for you.

Don’t tell a soul you’ve seen me, please, but don’t doubt it was true.”

I grew up, as all children must, and I climbed trees no more.

I had three children of my own. When one of them was 4,

She came in from the yard one day, a smile upon her face.

There was about her some new knowledge that I couldn’t place.

She said, “I saw a magic thing that I can’t share with you.”

I asked her nothing more because I knew that it was true.



Bill Littlefield

For 25 years I hosted NPR's "Only A Game." Now I write whatever I want to write, which has been great fun.